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Here are the most common questions we receive!

What is Deal Trunk?

We are an online deal tracking website and browser extension. We hand pick the hottest deals available and send you instant notifications when a new deal is found. Our diligent work saves you precious time and introduces you to big savings on all kinds of products.

What kind of deals do you find?

All kinds!
We feature a wide range of deals from computer parts, to kitchen appliances, to music and movies, to tools, to video games, and just about everything in between.

What does AC, ACC, AR, or S&S mean?

Some deals are posted with the follow acronyms in the price tag:
AC: After Coupon. There is a coupon available to be clipped on the page.
ACC: After Coupon Code. Used the attached coupon code to save even more!
AR: After Rebate. Yes, we hate them too. But they do save money…
S&S: Subscribe & Save. Amazon’s subscription based order that saves 15%!

Why are the prices in the deal window different than the prices at the retailer?

All of our deals are hand-picked and posted manually. If a deal expires, we remove it as soon as we notice it. Sometimes a dead deal may linger. Sorry about that!

How often are deals posted?

Deals are posted at all hours of the day. If a hot deal comes up, it gets posted!
You can expect to see a bigger update in the morning as we do take some time off to sleep and catch up on all the deals first thing in the morning.

Do you really give stuff away for free?


Each month we hold giveaway contests to reward frequent users of the extension. You can enter to win an gift card or a personally selected prize! More details are available on our giveaway page.

How secure is the extension?

Very secure. We’ve been featured in the Google Chrome marketplace since February 2009.

What information is being collected?

We do not collect any personally identifiable information. We do not track you nor your browsing habits. The stores featured do set an affiliate cookie if you browse to their site through our extension. This gives us credit and a commission on any purchase you make. This does not affect the price you pay and it is impossible for us to know who buys what. We take pride in protecting our user’s privacy.

What browsers are supported?

Our extension is available for Google Chrome.

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